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From the crack of dawn... or doom... I'll be on the phone to book a test for the GT6 - testing resumes from July 20th for cars that cannot avail of a TEC. It can only be booked by phone but cars which cannot get a TEC will be given priority. Here's hoping...


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1 hour ago, Pete Lewis said:

and joined up writing on the dvla mot check it shows extended on the tax+mot  check it shows the normal expiry 

be careful where you look..  

Checked last week and it said August 1st 2020, checked just now and it says 1st January 2021! Pete is right! Again! 

So I don't have to do anything today after all. Some intensive sitting then.


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20 minutes ago, dougbgt6 said:

I've made a spelling mistake?!!!! :o I am the world's worst, I rely totally on machines.

Dyslexia rules KO


Not at all Doug, your spelling was correct, it was one word i'm glad you got right :)  If you are Dyslexic? Join DNA, my brother say's he is a fully paid up member.



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