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New tryes needed

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When I had my PI and faced this same issue, I found that it is still possible to get the correct tyres, in decent quality and not ridiculously priced, with a bit of effort. I ordered online from an American company, who had stock of 185/80/13 white-walls, but the white is only on one side and they're not directional tyres, so just get them fitted with the white on the inside and nobody need know.

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Most 2000 owners looking for a different wheel change to 15" as very large tyre choice.

I have seen many cars with 13" van tyres fitted, including on just 1 corner. But they ar e the right size apparently. Also very scary!.

Options are "S" alloys, or Stag 14" steels if you want to use PI wheel trims (get a set with oval valve holes)

Or even 14" Minilites.

Still a very good choice of 14" tyres.


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