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  1. Hi Hag, I got a reconditioned wiper motor for my Mk2 Spitfire from wins and Co http://www.winsintltd.co.uk/electrical.html are they the same as the GT6 Mk1? Regards Adrian
  2. Hi Luke, Are the sills held on with self tappers? I can't see any evidence of spot welds in the return edge. Adrian
  3. I agree, the splined adaptor is a dreadful piece of design. I eventually gave up trying to keep them tightened up with ring spanner and I used an angle grinder to cut a slight relief on the adaptor so that there is now enough clearance to get a thin walled socket on the nuts. It only needed 1 or 2mm of metal ground away and I figured that it would not compromise the strength of the part to any significant degree. 30 years and 160,000 miles later they have neither worked loose nor broken off. Adrian
  4. Hello Richard, Was it all working recently? with the same starter motor? And when you disconnect the battery is there a sound from the starter? Adrian
  5. I'm glad you are sorted Paul. Just in case anybody else is after the Mann 714/2 the Euro Car Parts link is https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/mann-filter-oil-filter-501580029 As Paul found out, the website is difficult to use unless your car's registration is recognised by the site, and most of ours aren't. Adrian
  6. Hi Paul, I got a couple from Euro Car Parts recently. The price keeps changing in their successive and constant 'sales' but I think delivery was free. I've just checked and they are £8.09 each with free delivery in the current sale. Adrian
  7. Don't need them, a seasoned Triumph driver's fingertips and backside are the most sensitive ones ever invented.
  8. Thank you Pete, Paul and Nigel for your prompt and helpful replies, I'll order some polyurethane ones. Adrian
  9. I'm confused, the listing describes the bonnet as being 'original, ex works Le Mans' but Nick identifies it as being a T6 bonnet. Am I missing something? Adrian
  10. It is so long since I have done the rear trunnions on a Triumph that I can't remember if the bushes are supposed to look like this. The plastic looks and feels more like something you would find in a Christmas cracker than on the suspension of a car, the supplied rubber seals are different thicknesses, and the rims of the bushes are far too thin to hold the seals in place while you assemble the dust shields. I ordered them from one of the main suppliers but they came in a Moss branded bag. Are these what you would expect? Thank you in advance for any guidance.
  11. But Doug, you don't mention what the product is. I'm assuming it is one of those sticky papers for do-it-yourself removal of excess body hair. I had heard that there is a growing market for diy BC&S procedures. Snowflake
  12. The 1147 with the Mk2 Spitfire cam is an absolute jewel. They are remarkable free-reving and surprisingly torquey for their size and they never seem to run out of puff. I remember reading that it was the most efficient of all the engines in the small chassis Triumphs, but I may have imagined that. Anyway, I think you are very lucky to still have the original as most of the Mk1s&2s I see advertised seem to have one of the later engines in place. Enjoy it!, rev its nuts off! Adrian
  13. Hello Grahame, The adaptor is well wort having and maybe justifies the postage from the USA (I got mine from Clive of this Forum but I think he has exhausted his stock?) When you do get one, remember to screw it into the filter first, not the block, as the two threaded parts are not equal. When I first fitted mine I noticed a slight leak from round the filter so I nipped it up by hand and was shocked when the filter came off in my hand. This seems to be a common problem and there is a thread somewhere on here where someone advises putting a thick washer between the block and the adaptor, but I think that screwing it into the filter first gives the same result; certainly it gives six turns into the filter and six into the block which seems right to me. Adrian
  14. That's a Woodpecker! No? SF
  15. Very neat Ian, I particularly like the strain-relief clamp on the chunky battery wire, how did you do that? Adrian
  16. What? Is this something else you are an expert in? Adrian (intrigued)
  17. And the demand for the stuff they carry isn't going to change any time soon. But there is some hope for developments in technology, even in the short term. As part of a project I was working on to redevelop a motor museum, I had a tour round the Advanced Engineering department of Brighton University and I was shown the prototype of a system that they claimed would increase the efficiency of IC engines engines by 12-14%. They were starting with marine engines for the reasons Dick outlines above. Back to the Courier, I would welcome the choice to have just an online copy. No matter how small the contribution to the overall use of resources it may represent, I do feel uncomfortable throwing it in the recycling every month after less that 15 minutes of reading, often much less. I own an early Spitfire, I have never owned any other Triumph and I'm not likely to and so very little is relevant to me. However, I enjoy Colin's column because he writes so well. I'm happy to pay my membership fee because it more than pays for itself in access to cheap, agreed value insurance and I log on to this forum regularly and would feel honour bound to be a member for that, but I don't need a paper copy of the Courier. Other clubs give members the choice. Adrian
  18. That's certainly true, but I remember my Spitfire came with one trim that had a screw and I found that the only way I could fit it was to tighten the screw as much as I could with it pointing sideways and then rotating the trim until the screw was underneath and in contact with the flange on the headlight rim. Maybe it was from a Mini? Adrian
  19. Plus one for Andy's suggestion and the rubber collar that joins the filler cap to the tank neck is another weak point, especially if you have an increase in smell after spirited cornering or just after filling the tank. You don't say which model of Spitfire you have but I believe that the later versions have a vent pipe at the top of the tank which can perish and lead to petrol smells. Someone more knowledgable will be along to advise on that I'm sure. Adrian
  20. Hi Shaun, I thought I would reply quickly before the flood of 'don't do it' style replies arrive. I have had painted wire wheels on my Spitfire for the last 26 years and I love them. I would recommend buying new. I first bought a set secondhand and quickly found that I needed to replace them with new as it is really difficult to tell how worn the splines are until they are mounted on the car. Fortunately I replaced the splined adaptors at the same time as the wheels because if one is worn it quickly wears out the other. Contrary to what many say, wire wheels are not difficult to balance or fit inner tubes to tubeless tyres if you manage to find an old school tyre fitter who knows what they are doing. I am very lucky to have the Eastbourne Tyre Company near me who are outstanding. Motor Wheel Services are the manufacturers of new wheels but you can often but them cheaper from TRGB. The chrome ones are very time consuming to keep clean though. Don't be put off! Adrian
  21. Is it for forming the reinforcement panel behind the nose of a Spitfire? Adrian
  22. The green jewel was unobtainable for years but James Paddock has them now http://www.jamespaddock.co.uk/lens-green-jewel-ignition-2 but I do like Adrian's solution. Adrian
  23. Or this on Car Builder Solutions https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/black-leather-handbrake-gaiter which is cheaper. They have another one which has flashier chrome trim too. Adran
  24. After reading a positive review in some motoring magazine I fitted a pair to my brother's S2a and I don't remember them being difficult to fit or expensive, but that must have been 30 years ago. I do remember he said that they made an appreciable difference to noise and mpg. Adrian
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