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Fuel Pump Priming

Ian Cooper

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My GT6 Mk2 was stood for a couple of months, in a freezing garage, and I thought it would be an idea to prime the carbs using the pump lever. I may have overdone it a little as fuel started to drip from the air cleaner box. However on turning the key the engine fired up instantly, which it never does, usually two, three four goes (std CD150s).

When running I could not see any fuel leakage, is it possible to pump fuel passed the carb float chamber valves to cause the leakage?

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Auto correct got it wrong
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If the pump is correct and to original factory spec then no, you can't. However, nearly all after-market pumps these days have too strong a spring and thus put out too much pressure. If you have one of those, bodged with a spacer to reduce the lift (which does reduce the pressure as a side-effect) then the manual lever still has the full stroke and will get the excessive pressure.

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