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Safely securing pet dog.


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Subject comes up on Motorhome/Camper sites regularly. Mine is quite happy on the back seat but I too would be looking at a restraint system for a open top car. Year`s ago you could get a Net that attached to seat backs?, and the rear seat restraints. I suppose a Harness clipped to a strong point is the easiest solution?. Typical are these on the Pets at Home site  :-  https://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/dog/dog-collars-harnesses-leads-and-tags/dog-seatbelts-and-car-harnesses



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As far as I am aware it is a legal requirement to have your dog (pet) tethered in a moving vehicle. And there doesn't seem to be any exceptions for vehicle age.

Having said that a company called Miki used to make dog car harness that had actually been tested... Not sure  how. But they were very strong and fitted really well.

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