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Water Pump Housing & Thermostat Housing Gaskets

Paul H

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Advice & best practice please 


Just changing Water Pump Housing & Thermostat Housing due to corrosion - The pic shows the corrosion on the thermostat housing , the water pump housing is not as bad but getting too thin in places for my liking -


I have replacement gaskets and whats the best practice , gaskets with or without jointing compound ?


Thanks in advance 




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make sure the gasket doesnt interfere with the fit of the stat in the recess of the pump hsg,   

if it overlaps theres a good chance you can bend /crack the new cover 


it is designed to have a gasket   if you want to seal it ...fine   dont use something that may blow out of the joint due to the  coolant pressure 

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Hello Paul.


That photo brings back memories !!


When I changed my Vitesse cylinder head a couple of years ago I always susupected something was a miss with the thermostat housing. On removing it there was no thermostat and the housing had corroded so badly that it was obvious the PO could not fit a a new thermostat.


So instead of replacing the housing, the PO used the old housing with no thermostat and sealed it with loads of orange / red gunge. A bodge of the 1st order.


No wonder the engine took ages to achieve normal operating temperature.


I replaced the housing and reinstalled the thermostat.


With regard to seating I used a proper thermostat housing gasket and a LIGHT SMEAR of Instant Gasket. I also put a dab of copper grease on the housing threads for future removal should such a situation dictate.


All tightened down and no problems to date  with just over 10K clocked up since the job. Oh yes, I also replaced the water pump as a matter of course whilst doing the head conversion.


Hope the above assists ??





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Yes that's a good call.


If you want clear, which I prefer, I tend to use Granville Instant Gasket. I would also add that Granville products are generally excellent and they do a considerable range for vehicle applications. Based in the UK which is another bonus and very helpful customer services / technical assistance.


It's okay - I do not work for them !!







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Red Hermetite is no more.


Misquoting Mark Twain - "the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."


I don't know whether production has ceased, but there is still plenty out there:




and others


That said, it probably wouldn't be my choice these days.



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