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white lion breakfast meeting

david lewis

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just got back from the white lion breakfast meeting in hartley witney which is easy to get to from surrey,west london, and hampshire areas and it was a great morning out with probably about 200 cars of all types even a 1910 standard there but i was the only herald and there were a few tr4s no gt6 s or dolomites etc.

where is everybody ?

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Be happy in your rarity, young man!!

It's often nice to see just one of a particular model as opposed to 30 - 40 MX5s or whatever at every show these days. I get so used to going to Triumph-only shows, or as part of a club display, that I often forget how rare some of our cars are - not to mention how good-looking they are when compared to other quite dated marques.

I know it's nice to chat with fellow enthusiasts but once in a while it's nice to see your car through someone else's eyes, especially when they know very little about it and have no preconceptions.

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