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Headlight removal


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Can someone please advise me as to the process for removing the headlamps on my GT6 Mk3? I currently have the bonnet off the car as I prep it for some remedial work and painting. I've read both my workshop and Hynes manuals but can't make sense of either and am stuck at stage one, removing the chrome bezel!


Many thanks,



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If the GT6 bonnet is like the MkIV spitfire, Derekskill is correct. There are three nuts passing through the bonnet from the inside, (two from back into front, one from inside to left when viewed from inside on left hand light unit) into the headlight surround. Take care that when you remove the last one that the surround doesn't fall off. Then unscrew the chrome rim that surrounds front the headlight glasses and the sealed unit will come off in your hands. I found that one of my surrounds was only held on by two nuts and was rattling. The surround appears to be light alloy so don't over tighten when refitting,

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in old money   aimed at the garage door from 10yds away  measure the centre height of the lense  and

when on   dip   \__   cut off  is 6"  down from horizontal and   1" to the left  of centre




That's the sort of rule of thumb we need as a sticky! Thanks Pete.



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If you haven't moved the screws, you might be lucky like me and not affect the alignment. Swapped mine out for new seals and crystal lenses,, when it came to the MOT this spring, the alignment was spot on !   :lol:  Lucky or what!1!?!!!



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