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G'day from down under

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Just saying a quick g'day from Adelaide, South Australia.

I am currently the owner of two MK2 2500s - although the wife is keen for the fleet to be reduced to a single car :(

The 'keeper' is a very solid 1977 white 2500S which I saved from a breakers yard a few weeks ago - has been off of the road for at least a decade so needs some recommissioning as well as a new interior and some welding to the front of the offside sill. Other than that it's in great shape and even has the factory AC still fitted.



The second car is a 1975 2500 TC which was my main project until the white one turned up. Now this has been relegated to just above parts car status - basically I'll swap out the best components to the S whilst refitting the spares to the TC so it remains a viable project for someone else.

Other than being a more desirable model, the main reason for keeping the S over the TC is the shocking state of the TC's paintwork and how due to its awful 70s Toyota metallic blue paint job, it ideally needs a full colour-change respray. The S needs a touch up here and there but it will work out cheaper and easier in the long run.

From memory I was a member of the TSSC and the original forum back in the early to mid 2000s when I had my Spitfire - glad to be back, hope to be speaking to a few of you soon.

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Haha, here she is. It's very solid other than the lip of the boot lid but the paintwork's shocking - peeled and crazed with assorted patches of surface rust. The Aussie built ones used Toyota colours rather than the nicer pastelly hues of the British cars, doesn't really suit them in my opinion.


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both clubs have had good and failed forums over the years ,  i had added n 10.000 replies when the tssc site collapsed 

all the data was lost in code somewhere, the COM at the time didnt want a forum they thought is was full of wingers and wasters

I left COM ,  the next AGM forced a Forum to be re instated and this is the welcoming result ...it works  quite nicely,  

join whatever suits , the myths of polishers vs racers should not affect the fun of driving a Triumph ,

we do a run every month in herts and beds , bonnet up and rivet counting is not  a plan .



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As a fully paid up winger I remember at the time telling a member of COM I was paying for a service he was no longer providing. He threatened to have me expelled for ungentlemanly conduct! :lol::lol::lol:  Along with others I did not renew my membership. I think the accelerated decline in renewals sharpened their wits. Anyhow that individual and his gang are no longer on the COM which is a very different and forward thinking beast now.

At the last AGM plans were announced to tidy up the web site making the front page and sub directories much simpler.  However, recognising the value of the forum, it is sacrosanct, not to be touched and will remain the same, apparently. Except, have you noticed if you type, say "Stromberg problems" into your search engine all sorts of links come up, but never the TSSC forum? COM think this a missed opportunity to attract new members and intend to rectify it. 

The holy grail of old Couriers on line is also under consideration.

The forum ninjas look on with interest. :mellow:


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Cheers all, yep am a refugee from elsewhere on the 'net, like a few others I suspect. Am also a member of the T2K Register and their excellent forum - although I still have a soft spot for Spits and Dollys so it's good to be a member of an all-encompassing forum too. It is a shame to see a once great resource end up diminished but I guess the online Triumph community is pretty mobile so they will flock to whoever provides the best online services. Build it and they shall come (or dismantle it and they shall drift off)...

Gully - the blue paint really is shocking, even worse close up, although to be fair the picture I posted above shows it rather dirty and straight out of a decade or two's worth of barn storage. It's now been cleaned up and doesn't look quite so bad with a set of S wheels:


The Aussie 2500s were assembled by Australian Motor Industries (AMI) in Port Melbourne but as they also assembled Toyotas (as well as various other makes) they used their funky 70s metallics instead of the British colours. Very weird to see 2500s in metallic greens and silvers over here. Not many in flat colours, which is why I think I was lucky to find a white one. It's a Toyota white but no-one need know ;)

I think the TC actually is slightly sounder body-wise than the S which needs the front of one sill doing but I'd rather arrange for a bit of localised welding and associated touch-ups than have to strip the whole thing down to a shell to change the colour properly. I want the thing on the road, not in bits in the garage. I did intend to keep the TC long-term and only bought the S on a whim when I saw it advertised on Gumtree. I've written a blog about my progress so far which is linked below if you're interested. Obviously it's going to go in a different direction now though...


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I rebuilt my gearbox this year and that reminds me of the weight and height escapade,  I bought a tranmission jack to fit the trolley jack but did not have the  magic height to use it ,  back to  pairs of old codgers and heave ho !

If you ever need the rear brake expander levers stag ones are avalable  and fit exactly except  the cable lever is 1/2" longer gives a much better handbrake efficiency..   and cheaper than any 2000/2500  ones 

And rear steering solved with poly bushed trailing arms bushes 


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