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Sparkplug colours


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My plugs usually look a little lighter than your first picture after general bimbling around - a bit paler again after a long run. But with an added pinky hue from the fuel additive!


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Dave it might be. I didn’t check the rings when I put the engine in at Christmas- but seemed to have good compression (I’ve not checked it) and runs smooth enough. 

Its not a huge job to remove again next winter if I fancy having a look. 


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I don’t see any blue smoke when driving - so I don’t think it’s particularly bad. Since sorting the manifold leak the exhaust colour is lightening up though is still a bit black. Tbf I drive a diesel as my daily so black is normal ?

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Ha That old trick - often recommended on the Disco forums for many an issue!

I'm getting a drill sorted to see if I can clean up the PRV seat (hopefully will fix my low oil pressure) - before I try that one - but I will give it ago!

Hope you are enjoying the trip down to Spain :) 


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