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Front damper polybush

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I have pushed a new poly-bush into front damper, but it seems to have expanded out sideways more than it should...?

For the second photo I have pushed out the metal tube from inside the bush, and now it fits ok. Tube back in and it expands out again. 

It's like the bush is a bit oversized and there isn't room for it all? 

I'm not sure it will force into the wishbone.

Any thoughts? 



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All i can advise is most suppliers give a sachet of a waxy paste to lubricate

iF you dont have this I woukd use soft soap or a rubber lubrcant,

Coppaslip is an anti seize compound  it is  not a 'lubricant '  as such  you need something   more slippy  but not grease based 


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Just fitted polybushes to my rear shocks and leaf spring. No problems with the shocks but the leaf spring was hell. Couldn't get the old ones out. Must have been put in with a 20tonne press. How you replace then 'like for like' I don't know. I eventually heated up the inner metal tube which then pressed out, cleaned out the rubber with a 20mm woodwork spoon bit, finally hacksawing the outer tube from the inside until it was weak enough to finally press out (thanks Pete for the tips). For both ends. The new ones went in no trouble with a smear of soap (no lube supplied.. thanks Pa**ocks!!

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