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Hi All

Just brought my first Triumph Spitfire MK3  as a project car not sure where to start she is on the road, spent last week looking over it and found a lot wrong

It has a Dolomite engine I think number DH78301 

A 1500 gear box (single rail) I think 

An Allen key  used to hold the clutch mech in place, Clutch is on its way out but what clutch do I use or do I try and source a correct gearbox/engine  

GT6 fiberglass bonnet which I quite like

The list goes on with suspension and exhaust Radiator to big 

I have renamed it money penny   

Where to start on this journey looks like I will be asking lots of questions 

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On a useless tablet so search is  hopeless  but  othing wrong with a DH prefix motor ,  the single rail is not my favourite and does need a 

Dolly spit 1500 clutch disc as the gear box input shaft has a rolled 22 tooth spline ??  Where as the 3 rail  for a spitty would have a cut 10 tooth spline   a matched set works fine.

Has the hex key been used to recoupe the throw out pin which has fallen out ??

Keep asking if theres an answer it will soon appear on here  or get diverted into some vague reference to something very different 


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Depends on just which single rail you have it is possible it has the 18mm mainshaft spigot  not the weeny 0.5" of the 3 rail

Less of a problem on a 4cyl,  but its a weak point in 3 rail longevity

Some internal parts are interchangable many parts look  similar but its quite diferent   , ive rebuilt a few 3 rail where single parts have misguidedly been fitted ,  quite hopeless

A 3 rail off a dolly is probably  the best last of the design  ,,,   have you thought about overdrive  ??



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