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GT6 mk 3 fuel filler

Adrian Saunders

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Anybody know how the drain tube fits to the GT6 mk3 fuel filler. I only have a boss (on the left in picture) with a plain, thru hole. Am I missing a fitting of sorts, perhaps a pressed-in steel tube? I have a rubber elbow (with nylon tube) for the breather to push onto the barbed fitting on the right, which is screwed in. 


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If I remember my own from quite a few years ago there should be a smaller diameter pipe from that opening on the left, to which a plastic pipe is pushed on.

It's only a drain (out through the floor near the rear wing) so glue a plastic pipe of the correct diameter into that and attach the flexible drain pipe.

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Yes, it's a drain for rain water ingress into the fuel filler cap. Water doesn't get into the fuel as the filler pipe is sealed with the rubber cap. Early GTs had a pipe as Colin says. Later ones, like mine, no pipe, just a hole in the boot floor. You'd think there'd be a rust issue but I've never had a problem, not much water, if any, gets through so they scrapped the pipe. Cost saving!


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Mine is without the pipe too - although it is shown on the parts diagram. Main issue in not having it is when the petrol pump cuts off late and the excess fuel exits the filler neck into the rear wing, whereupon it evaporates and stinks out the car!


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Problem solved with the correct JB Weld product and some 1/4” tube deformed to aid pipe retention. I used rubber hose and fuel resistant push-on fittings to exit through grommets. I need to add some short lengths of pipe outside/u’neath, two-man job though as the pipe is tight on the plastic fittings. 







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