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Door cards what's best to use


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1 hour ago, pirate said:

Another post from the newbie.

my door card vinyl is in good condition but the wood or whatever it is has gone rotten a common fault with old cars.

what is the best material to use to re make, hardboard, ply wood?

Hardboard is best, but if you can by new ones and funds allow, why not. Also dont forget to fit a new membrane, so they dont go again.


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I mentioned this on another thread. 2mm picture framing back board is a good substitute. You can buy it from specialist suppliers about 4ft x 3ft approx. It is 2mm thick and reasonable density. The stuff from the diy stores is usually 3mm thick and can be a little thick for some door gaps. It is smooth in both sides, so better for glueing. You may need some very short staple gun staples or they will come straight through the front. However, these days, for the cost (for Spit & Gt6), I would also get them from Owen at Park Lane, he does them in leather too!!

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