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Trying to locate short leg staples for fitting vinyl to door cards


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I spent some time searching last night the shortest I found was 4mm, had a look at that link Paul yes it's wire size.

Just been out to the garage and found a couple of the ones I took out, not sure how they measure them, but from the top of the staple to the end of the leg they are measuring 4mm.

I did think about just glueing them but the vinyl will need stretching the staples will anchor it in place.

I could only imagine me with glue on my hands fingers and everywhere else, with a screwed up vinyl door card in the corner hahaha.

Think I'll buy a box of 4mm and do a test see if they come through.

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2 hours ago, Adrian Cooper said:

Would it be possible to cut the legs down to 2mm? Say if you held a clip of staples in a vice and used a Dremel or similar cutting tool?

That's a possibility Adrian, what I need to do is put the vinyl backing foam and door card board together and measure with a vernier, that will give me some idea of what length staple I can get away without it breaking through.

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I've ordered the 4mm staples so will see how it goes, Just been looking at high density accustic foam it's also water/fire resistant comes in 3mm thick have messaged the seller to see if I can get it in bigger pieces.

might be too think depends how it compresses might help with noise reduction too.

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Instead of glue try double sided carpet tape.. 2 inches wide from any diy shop. Also use picture frame back board which is thinner than normal hardboard and smooth on both sides so better for glue or tape adhesive. You should be able to get some from most good framing shops. If you have to use staples, shoot them into the edge of the board and secure the loose flap of vinyl at the back with the carpet tape.

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On 01/12/2018 at 20:09, pirate said:

Trying to find short leg staples think my gun is 10-12 MM wide need 2mm leg, looked on eBay but can't see any.

For vinyl on door cards.

Hi I used these staples to restore my door cards, can't remember where i got them but they measure 4mm from the top of the staple to the end of the leg, so think this is what they refer to when quoting the size, and not the length of the leg. I used standard thickness harddboard, not sure of the original card thickness probably the same, but these staples never protruded through either card.



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I got some 4mm staples not tried them yet can't find my staple gun at the moment :(

I cut out new cards in ply wood and drilled the holes, I'm putting door speakers in so might as well cut out for those too.

planning on painting around the cut out holes and door card edges with thin upva glue to seal them, then a few coats of clear varnish.



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