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Electrical grease in a aerosol, that then thickens


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It won't alter the connection. The connectors physically tough, so no grease etc will get in actual contact bit, but will =surround it keeping air/moisture off.


Must say, I do like chain lube as well. Very good for locks and window mechanisms. Just feels a bit sticky!

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The grease has not to conducted, so as John pointed out graphite may be a problem!

I agree with Clive, a wax spray should be alright. But remember to clean any connections before hand.

I have used a clear wax spray in the 1970's on an every day Triumph and it did provide protection for the electrical system.

 As interest, ML grease and vaseline were used until silicon grease appeared in the 1960's to protect electrical plugs and sockets.


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WD40's original property was "Water Dispersal Preparation no.40".  Why not use that?

I recall a motorshow demonstration of a dizzie running under a spray of water and still providing sparks, "Thanks to WD40!"

But it could have been a trick.

I expect Pete remembers Denso Tape, that used to be used to wrap leaf springs.   It used to be sacking, impregnated with stiff grease, and might be covered by natty leather gaiters to keep out road dirt (as if!).    Also used to seal underground cables.   Still available in modern forms: https://denso-tape.co.uk/

I'm found of self-amalgamating tape, double sided, that is good at sealing electrical connections that are exposed to road wetness.  There are all shapes and sizes, but mostly black.  https://uk.rs-online.com/web/c/adhesives-sealants-tapes/tapes/self-amalgamating-tapes/



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