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Hazard lights sound the horn?

Tom Hartley

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I have fitted an aftermarket hazard light switch to my Herald which wires to the indicator feeds, 12v and 0v and interrupts the feed to the normal indicator flasher unit when pulled.

When I pull it on the horn sounds! 

I'm nowhere near the purple earthing wires in the steering column or the permanent feed wires to the horns.

WoThFk is going on?

Can anyone explain what might be happening?

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Nothing as fancy as an alarm, just a crooklock.

The wiring _may_ have been played with when it was resprayed but I doubt it.

Everything works as it should, and it's a simple loom in a Herald and without much modification so I can't imagine why it's sounding the horn. 

I know you can get lights flashing other ones because of a bad earth. Could it be something like that?

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Does the horn sound continuously, or intermittently as the lights flash? You'd expect it to be intermittent if the switch circuit was causing a poor earth, as it would be interrupted regularly as the hazard system switches on and off. If it's constant then it's earthing regardless of the switch internals.

I'd string an additional earth cable from the switch to a handy earthing point, even just temporarily, to see if that stops the horn sounding. 

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