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Big saloon gearboxes - always just a bit noisy?


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Is the gearbox in the big saloons (so also some TRs/Stags) just a bit noisy and just like that - or is every one I've ever driven (OK that's only 2) a bit shagged?

I've had one for about 10 years/probably pushing 100,000 miles and that's always made a bit of noise - but the same noise at the same sort of level.  I test drove another one yesterday and that made similar noises.  On my car I'd always assumed either the release/another bearing was a bit tired (quite a soft/higher pitched rumble in neutral that goes when you press the clutch in) but the one I drove yesterday was much the same so beginning to wonder.

Clutch on the test drive car was also right on the floor which could just mean slave cylinder needs a little adjustment, though also reminds me I forgot to test crankshaft end float.  Was raining so going back for a second look next weekend so skipped a few of the lay-on-the-ground-and-get-under-it tests.

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I would say yes, the gearboxs are a bit noisy in neutral. But not going through the gears. When you put your foot on the clutch everything in the box stops moving..... Hense peace and quiet. The clutch on my car is just normal, but it is a new "laycock" unit that i was lucky to find.


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main source in unsympathetic engine vibration makes all the gears backlash set up a chatter mainly at idle 

old trick is just  at idle  apply some load to the gear stick to just start the synchro to load , the noise stops as you have put a brake on the backlash 

dont press the clutch you cant get it in gear as like this it will not synchronise to let you in it should just baulk , ...try it.


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Haven`t really noticed it on my Vitesse with 2.5 and Saloon box,just put it back together after fitting a paddle type clutch,should be interesting.

I have fitted Dynamat on the inside of the tunnel cover though,that keeps the noise down.


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