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Painting Bare Metal

Neil Clark

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I've found a much much better bonnet.  It's already been sanded to bare metal.  I need to get a coat of something on PDQ both on top and underneath.  I imagine rubbing the metal down with something like 180 grade, then what would you recommend?  I've never had to do this before.  I don't have a garage so although I can keep it dryish I have to be careful.  I'm not going to be doing the proper painting but I do want to most of the prep work.



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Prime it well - very well!! If you don't intend to use it for a while then a thick coat will preserve it and can always be sanded off again.
I had a lot of stuff sandblasted about ten years ago, suspension turrets, engine valences and the like, just sprayed on a coat of grey primer but after a few years they were rusting badly even indoors; the garage was well ventilated so a lot of moisture in the air but they still all had to be blasted again. A heavier covering might have helped!

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Etch primer and standard primer is not water/moisture proof.

Why not go for BondaRust primer. This is water proof and will seal the surface from oxygen ingress.

But yes, wrap it up and try to keep it dry.



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Marketed in the uk by Frosts . I rate the product range including fuel tank sealer . I’ve treated engine ancillaries and look new and applied 2 years ago . The rule for applying is to follow the rules . Here’s a link to start with 



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