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Hello from all over the place! - TR6

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And on The Hard at Portsmouth.  A little local/professional knowledge advice; if that was this weekend with the Spring tides I would give it's bottom a wash, that slipway can be covered with salt water, and is regularly so throughout the year.  It may look dry but ....  


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1 hour ago, Colin Lindsay said:

It was the TV screen that caught my eye; sat nav and DVD presumably, with very natty side speakers?

You are indeed correct that there has been "some" modification of the H frame's usual inhabitance...

What we have here is a 7" touch screen, running a Raspberry Pi with OpenAuto installed. Which means I have Bluetooth, Nav, and Android Auto in a little screen that fits perfectly in the gap.

Everything is an easy finger reach from the gear stick, or via the little 6-way controller between the choke and heater knobs.

Behind it and between the cheeks is a 400W Kenwood micro amp, the Pi its self, a fuse and relay board for switching everything on and off (switched 12v feeds the relays via the toggle) and there's a relay between the main battery and the setup, as well as fuses per item. Relays ensure no pesky battery-draining!)

As for speakers, I've got 2 x 50w the cheeks, 2 x 60W behind the seats in these neat little corner triangles (installed by the previous owner) and a little powered sub behind the passenger seat as there's no "enclosure" to let the speakers move any air otherwise.


Sadly the tape deck that it came with was nonfunctional, however, the tape collection was included...


All in all, it was a surprisingly easy build to add some microcontrollers to something that did not really want any!

Salt comments noted.






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They're just aluminum (I think) triangles with vinyl over them and speaker holes.

And they don't seem to fall out of their corners, there's probably some metal (wheel arch) behind the speaker that the magnets attract to, helping them stay there.

Either way, they work well.

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