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Advice on fitting wire wheels to Mk2 Vitesse - what's required? Worthwhile?

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I've been offered a set of wire wheels, previously fitted to an MGB.  I've never updated the wheel & tyre set-up on my '71 Vitesse - it still runs on 155x80x13 radials on I imagine 4.5" steel rims.  The wheels I've been offered are 14" x 5"J.  

Would be great to understand what I would need to buy (everything from tyre sizes to adaptors and anything in between) to make the 'upgrade' before I take the plunge...or decide to go with plan B and repaint and polish up my Rostyle trims.

Thanks in advance,

Dave Holden




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I am uncertain if there are adapters available for MGB wheels to Triumph. That is the first issue. A specialist will be able to tell you.

Next, used wire wheels often have worn splines. In which case they should be binned. So condition of splines it vital.

Check the condition of the spokes, and that all wheels run true.

As to tyre size, nearest sensible size would be 165 70 14 or 165 65 14. Former very slightly larger diameter, latter slightly smaller (each by about 8mm, ie tread depth on a new tyre)

I am uncertain of the wire wheel offset, that is worth investigating too, as if incorrect it may cause wheelarch contact.

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Personally I loathe wire wheels on small chassis Triumphs. Just about acceptable on round tail Spits and GT6s - if you must.

That’s the aesthetic side. Practically, they have many downsides and not a single upside I can think of.

Refurb your Rostyle trims, buy some nice alloys (there are things other than Minilite copies out there), anything but wires......


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Ha !!

we didnt mention your at the road side and need to remove the adaptor to adjust hub end float etc,  , and Nothing fits it of can get on it 

i have a local who after much deliberation removed the wires and fitted alloys .......... his quote  its like having a new car 



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Just a  caveat Dave, it's a push to fit 5" wires on an MGB, especially early ones pre-Rostyle - mine are the original 4.5 inch on a MK1 but those who changed to 5" often complain of sidewall rubbing so if coming with tyres do check those.  I think decently specced wires of the right diameter and offset would look great on a hairy Vitesse!

My Mk1 spit came with almost new chrome wires.  I'm beginning to like the look against the conifer green but they are a bit brash!

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Thanks guys for the speedy quality responses.  Never look a gifthorse and all that, but I get the impression that a 'free' set of wheels to help a neighbour clear out his shed could be leading me into handling & scrubbing issues, or worse.  That's if I could find the right adaptors to get them onto the Vitesse in the first place - and adaptors don't look cheap.  I certainly wouldn't do anything with the wheels before I'd shown them to a tyre fitter or wheel refurbisher.

Thanks again.


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There are different types/looks of wire wheel as well.

Never beeen keen on the skinnier looking ones that tend to have less spokes.

Had a set on a spitfire, you could hear the spokes creak and "ping" as you drove along. Luckily the asthmatic engine limited the issue effectively.

When I picked up the TR6 it had wires on it, chromed cross-laced ones with lots more spokes than usual. See the same type fitted to Ferraris and such like.

After investing a whole day of my life polishing them ( don't forget that bit) I decided to let them stay for a while.

Really grown on me I have to admit


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Adaptors should be the same spline for MGB and Triumph, a Rudge 42.
Back spacing might be a problem though as the Triumph spec wheels have slightly more back spacing which means more wheel behind the hub.

Thats enough of me sounding intelligent all the info is available here.

I had a set of wires to fit to one of my Vitesse but the condition of them didnt give me great confidence in them so I got rid of them.



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