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GT6 Petrol cap seal


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Hi all, Next problem is a small amount of fuel escaping through the cap seal, not the one that surrounds the whole assembly, I mean the black rubber "plunger" inside the opening cap.

Plunger looks in good condition and the flat spring is in place but doesn't appear to do much. There is also a wire that holds the plunger in place.

Any pics to show the correct fitting to allow the spring to actually do something ie hold the plunger down in the filler hole


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ive come across this but apart from take it apart and scratch head i dont remember the fix but im sure it had been incorrectly assembled as we cured the spillage withput any parts  

long ago   sorry   it may be the roll pin is in the wrong side of the spring ???


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In my experience, this is a perennial problem with the GT6 Mk3 filler cap arrangement.

It's a matter of luck whether the seal lands in the right place and stops fuel spilling from a full tank. That's even when it's all in good condition.

If anyone has the answer to how to make the fuel filler seal every time, I would love to know.


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On the MK1 there's a rather strange 'plug'-type seal that goes round the inside of the cap; I've got one that I was never able to make fit. I just can't work out how it's meant to go round the spring and other bits of the cap, and diagrams are no help at all. Help there too would be appreciated!

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I've never had this happen.

I can feel the seal being compressed when I close the cap.     

The seal is heavily indented by the neck of the fuel tank, but this is not symmetrical, not centred on the seal and deeper on one side than the other. 

I can see how the indented seal "guides" itself into the same position as before, but if it had turned out of synch there would be a problem.

My problem with the thing is the circlip on the bottom of the lock always just about to pop out and the hook on the bottom of the lock not making contact with the locking bar! :angry:


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