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Pcv hose


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Hi. Replaced these recently. I think the one from the valve to the manifold is an inaccurate shape (the overall S type shape is too long) and this is causing a kink. Car has been running richer since I replaced. I assume this is likely to be the reason?.

A previous post had a photo of a 13/60 (I think) with the same issue, so other folk, maybe be aware.

Thanks, Dave

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The function of the PCV (Pressure Control Valve) is to limit the vacuum that sucks crankcase gas into the inlet, to burn it in the engine rather than spew it on the road.   It may not work very well if the hose is kinked, but that not going to affect running, certainly not to  make it rich.   More like, symptoms of high crankcase pressure.

This pic shows one on a GT6.     It doesn't show well that the PCV is supported by a short bracket, just a length of flat strip, drilled at each end.   It's between the base of the Valve and one of the Exhaust manifold studs.    You can deal with the kinking S-bend by either lifting the valve by  making a longer strip for the bracket ,  or trimming the ends of the S-bend.  

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Thank you, Colin  your pic illustrates my point far better than the pic I used!

Yes, NonMember, I think you are right, but I'm not the only one to make that mistake!  See the page I got it from:



But looking at that pic a little closer, what is the object, apparently mounted on a stick from the inlet manifold.   Here's an enlargement:


It resembles a Bosch fuel pump!   I've never seen anything like it, there!

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