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Stainless braided hose - or attempting to get the clutch working properly 🤔 then doing it twice cos you got it wrong in the first place!

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1 minute ago, thescrapman said:

Fit the new pin, and the new shaft bearings in addition to existing ones. Also replace fork end square bearings.

take shaft back.

Spigot bush is in flywheel, not crank. Did it fall on floor as flywheel came off?

Good advice. I suspect the bush had either broke up or was not in from when the engine was an auto! The engine number ended hea.

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whilst this is aimed at TR the parts are all the same family heres buckeyes notes on clutches  its  worth a read if you need a dowel bolt rimmers sell a supposed HD version https://www.bucke

In my experience, yes. Check you still have anti-rattle 'button' and spring fitted.  Mine was missing and fitting one made a lot of difference. https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID008679 - 11242

I might have a spare 2.5 flywheel about. let me know if you don't get anywhere

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18 minutes ago, sulzerman said:

Just a word of advice, make sure all clutch operating parts are perfect else the clutch won't work.

I had my gearbox out 3 times until I realised some parts were worn!!

Good luck!!

Hopefully with a new 3 piece clutch, flywheel, bushes, slipper pads, pin, seals and gaskets.

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13 hours ago, thescrapman said:

Spigot bush is in flywheel, not crank. Did it fall on floor as flywheel came off?

Might still be in the flywheel; sometimes it just looks like part of the unit rather than a separate bushing.

You'll need a third dowel for the flywheel too; be careful removing any from other flywheels as they can be damaged during removal, for example by big brutish grips... :)

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Just got back from a 210 mile round trip. Over to Nigel's to get the flywheel, then to rimmers to pick up the last few bits. Looks like it will be a prep last bit of the day after something to eat.

Nigels cars and bikes look great. Many thanks.


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Cleaned up and new seals.


Back together.


cleanup of flywheel next! Some decisions needed there, i can't wait 3 weeks for a machine shop at this point in time. So its either a clean with wet and dry on a block or lathe?

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Well its in, almost!


You may notice rear gearbox mount is broken! So will order one, not cheap but the whole point is to get it right. What a job to get in, two jacks, lots of wiggling.  Lifting into position the last half inch myself, most bolts in but run out of time. Got to get cleaned up. Slave and starter bolted on.


Will get rest of bolts on, and replace a few that were missing tomorrow as well as progressing as far as i can till the new mount comes.

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the advantage of a 948 herald with ally case is you lift it on your chest and knees  

if you tried that we would be out getting some grapes for a AE visit  they are quite a lump and at a 

steep angle   its not the best job in the world to sight alignments 

I left the rear crossmember on so there was something to haggle it with 


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10 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

i held my spacers in place with some rubber bands or they fall off the studs just when you dont want them to 

easy to remove the bands once the mount is up .


Thanks for that, its like a bit of paper in the socket to hold the nut in place while you line it up to a stud. I was thinking it was going to be a bit of a juggling act with four of them to hold while i lined up the bar.

The spare set of spacers i am going to hold in my glove box, so the next person that needs them at a meeting can have them.


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Just a clear up today and getting all the bits ready for tomorrow, new mount arrives tomorrow. 





Can't believe i had two spare exhaust clamps the right size! Shows if you wait long enough you will use it .

And when i cleared up i found the old spigot bush! Must have fallen out as i pulled the old flywheel out.



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20 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

if you need a spare gearbox heres a nice one on fleabay 

came from the Titanics hold    but starts at £160  ......

Image 21 - Triumph 2000 Overdrive Gearbox

That looks like chemical attack! We have that on our kettle actuators,  the cleaners put some horrible chemicals to get the burnt on sauces off, all alloy just crumbles after a while. 

No progress today, tired after last nights shift and i cut my finger getting a blind bearing out of a roller housing . I want it to skin over a bit before gloves over.

I did get this through the post


ready for tomorrow .

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  • Mathew changed the title to Stainless braided hose - or attempting to get the clutch working properly 🤔 then doing it twice cos you got it wrong in the first place!

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