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  1. I would not worry about that, most of the time mine have not been ready! I think i only made it to a show in my mk1 2000 twice, at Stafford. All the other times in a modern.
  2. Thanks for that, it helps. Fingers crossed everything else falls into place.
  3. I would have liked to have gone to this but if its only prebook i won't be able too. Many factors, weather, distance (as most club events tend to be far from norfolk), other family related problems that mean i might not be able to go. Thus not really knowing until a few days before if i can go. Of all thing my shift pattern is ok for that weekend! So sods law will be im free but will not have tickets! Whereas Duxford, im working that night so unless i can get the previous night off that has already been scuppered! 😪
  4. Looks like the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched back on
  5. Came across this in my travels yesterday. I did not buy it as i suspect it may not cater to all the cars around today!
  6. Every days a school day! We shall bring 50's high tec to today!
  7. The respray i can do, how do i get a new screen!
  8. Well with three full size cars i have only been allowed small ones! Not a bad haul. Herald vangaurd model five pounds. Two tr3a's open top 4 pounds the other 3 pounds both corgi. The Tr7 was 50p . Now the red tr3a needs a little clean but should i restore the Tr7? Its even got authentic rust underneath! They will join the stag and spitfire in my little collection.
  9. Not shaw what this is. Spotted today when i picked up some other cars!
  10. I would go with the cannleys kit. I have put it on my spitfire . Smoother turning and worry gone. I have had an upright snap going round a roundabout and its not fun. That was in the mid nineties, the car was about 25 years old then!
  11. Paid by debit card, won't do that on a big purchase again.
  12. Been doing the refinishing but have been slowed down by a broken compressor (see other thread). So onto the trim bits . Fed up with hanging up the bars i decided to make a frame to take them. I have done many of these bits of trim in the past and ironically after i have made a frame to spray them i probably won't do any more!
  13. I'm not giving all details as this is ongoing, as you may know i don't stop till the end. I will report the conclusion and what happened.
  14. Thought it best to post a warning before someone else suffers from there poor aftersales. Have heard that Aldi is no quibble.
  15. Hi, just finished spraying my yellow spitfire using a compressor from sgs. The day before yesterday it broke while using some air tools! Now i bought it in November 2020 and has not had a very hard life. After an unanswered email i took 3 attempts (hung up on twice !) To resolve getting it fixed, as it has a 2 year warranty. Not happy as they insist it is sent back to them at my expense and will be liable for repair if deamed wear and tare as its six months old. I was told i was not allowed to take back myself as they were not dealing with the public! I have contacted trading standards and await there response. If thinking about buying from them remember the poor customer service .
  16. That just has to be filed under sh#t happens category! Reminds me in the early 90s my spit broke a king pin. Recovered home by 11pm fitted a new one and ready for work the next morning.
  17. You will not need performance ones, i normally look at the decibel rating and go for the quietest with the best wet weather grip rating.
  18. Mathew

    Black paint

    Getting ready to paint the black parts on the yellow spitfire. Now my go to paint used to be black smoothrite but the pots empty. For chassis parts what does everyone use? For the black trim that covers the rear joins? For the bits like the brackets that hold the quarter valances? Bits like the air vents?
  19. Nice. I have taken mine to work a couple of times, at a weekend though as the que to get into wisbeach can be long and i don't fancy sitting in traffic.
  20. Not many, was a little bit concerned when i first left the garage and when entering and leaving the drive as the drive goes down and the road rises up! So the nose goes down a bit. Its not the lowest part of the car, the anti roll bar is slightly lower and the mid bit of the exhaust is slightly lower but not by much. I'm glad it has improved the car.
  21. Tested, it works. Better pickup, better mid range and quickly hits the rev limiter (6.7k) in the first four gears. Will get some mesh to cover the front, to stop low flying aircraft being sucked in!
  22. To get this clear in my head! Fit surround trim first!! Fit seal too windscreen, fit to frame! Where exactly do you put the gutter seal? I have fitted many windscreens to spitfires but the last seal i bought did not fit and had to be cut and glued together. As others have found in the rain it leaks! Never fitted sealent before and just seams like i will get in a total mess with sealent everywhere! Due to fit one to the yellow spitfire after refinishing next week.
  23. With the yellow spitfires paint hardening and in an attempt to keep me busy so i do not touch it ! I have turned my attentions back to this car. Not happy with the fit or position of the air filter. It blocks part of the radiator and has 135 degree bend in it just after the filter. So i thought air box/ scoop! Having had success in the past with one supplying cool air to some k and n's on a 1500 spit in the past, why not! Construct a box. Glue together and fibreglass it. Try to make it half decent looking. Spray it black and fix everything in placr. Once silicone has set i will take for a test. Fingers crossed its not made it worse or it gets ripped off on the first bump!
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