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Which battery for MK2 Vitesse?


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Thanks for allowing me to join the website/forums.

Please would you advise which battery spec I need? I'm on a tight budget and read on a previous thread some people are using 065 batteries as they're more common on the market.  What AH and CCA is sufficient for this engine? Is 45AH 440 CCA going to be fine? 

Thanks in advance.



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I have 063 batteries on all three of mine and they work great. If you're on a budget, get the second cheapest from Tayna (general principle that the very cheapest probably isn't great but the next one up will be fine). You don't need to worry about Ah and CCA ratings - any modern 063 battery will be plenty for a Vitesse.

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I also use a 063, only real difference is that the terminals will be at the back, which really is not an issue. I have the Varta which is currently £44.51 at Tayna so good value. previously had a Bosch s3001 currently £49.42 which lasted over 10 years so again a good purchase

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you may find the terminal posts are changed from inboard to outboard but which ever way the battery leads always reach ok 

if the posts are outward do take care with the batteryhold down   clamp does not make any contact

the 063 is not used on moderns as much these days but the sales volumes  help keep it the right price 


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