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MK3 Spitfire oil filter


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I’m not sure, there used to be made by several different places and done did not have a valve to stop oil running back into the sump, which resulted in a rattle on startup. But the spin on filters are pretty generic I think, although I tend to just buy from one of the main dealers. 

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i have used club spin on flters since 2003 on the vitess and now the 2000   never a problem

the anti drain is just  a simple rubber flap that restricts drain back  the angle of the filter on retro fitd can affect but on a spit/.herald  you are fixed with its fitting angle 

you can pay a  lot and gain very little 

its all down to preference 


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56 minutes ago, Jeffds1360 said:

Do you not need an adaptor to fit a spin on if the engine is original?

6 cylinder cars do. 

Very early heralds have a bypass filter (I think that is what it is called) which can be converted.

But the vast majority of 4 cylinder  cars use a spin on filter as std. However, it is possible to buy an adapter to change to the common 3/4unf filters as used by ford, VW etc etc. 

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The adapter to use on 4 cylinder engines is the WIX 24037, which is getting harder and harder to get ones hands on.

I believe that WIX have discontinued its manufacture, so unless someone steps in and starts making an equivalent, you are unlikely to get one without paying a premium price.

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I'm still trying to source local versions, some Racing parts suppliers might have some so I'll keep looking but with apologies for the high cost of postage they're available for MGs in the USA:


I'm just back from my local Autoparts and they supplied me with Bosch P2056 off the shelf, so there's a whole range of good filters out there if you get the adaptor.

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