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just found a old pic of my first car

Pete Lewis

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LNM 169    Mk5 Hillman Minx  was bought in 1964 for £65 

she was bright red ( in fact fire engine red painted at the airport )

we fitted a head from a Sunbeam racer had twin 1.5" copper exhaust and washers under the valve springs and a silly carburettor 

off the sunbeam .

skimmed the head in the Apprentice school and  with a add on must have rev counter pulled over 7k 

used to shear crown wheel bolts and half shafts if took off too quick for an old long stroke side valve she flew 

just take third gear and open the taps  you were king of the road 

Happy days when she needed some under frame welding my uncle who ran Rootes parts sent a complete side rail

down from B' ham and i never got the bill 





lnm 169.jpg

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Interesting look back there Pete. £65 in 1964 was a considerable amount of money mind, what's the equivalent now I wonder? And the red paint, done at the airport... the chemical factory I worked at had quite a few shiny yellow cars and bikes on the car parks, coincidentally the same shade as the local plant hire mobile compressors and welding sets! Happy days? Yep and the thing is we knew it at the time. Thanks for that!


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My first car was an Austin 7 Ruby. 3 of it's wings were from other cars that weren't Austin 7s.

It had a lovely brass rheostat in the centre of the steering wheel to work the advance and retard. 

Windscreen wiper was handraulic.

Wire brakes, ALL ROUND!

Bought it for £10, sold it for £15.

This isn't it, mine was blue.




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in 64 i was in 2nd year of my 5 yr apprenticeship and probably on the dizzy wage of around £5 a week

my first new car was a series 2 super Imp in 68 at £462 and probably on around £1300 as just made Foreman of Quality Engineering (previously central investigation dept ) and out on road test  with CID on your overalls would clear a transport cafe in minutes 

and deemed to be the youngest foreman in Rootes group

happy memories 


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First wage as a "proper" aprentice it was £2-2s-0. Just up from £2 the year before. When I was "tea boy" (just 15, and general dogsbody pre aprentice) at the previous place I got the massive sum of £1-15s-3d. But that was boosted quite substantially with tips and change from running errands mostly for fags, getting sarnies and fetching mugs of tea. First, Motor after I sold the Norton, was a battered old Ford Thames 5cwt Van, I put a rear seat in it from the scrappy, which was supported by a bar behind, take the bar out and hey presto a Bed!!. Useful after a belly full of ale!. We squeezed 10 bodies in it one Friday Lunch time celebrating someones Birthday, so loaded It failed to brake for the turn back into the factory and ended up on the grass verge!.


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16 minutes ago, mark powell said:

1966 and first car was a Reliant Regent 10cwt van, complete with girder fork front wheel...  Closely followed by '59 Fiat 600, complete with suicide doors and sunroof, worth a fortune these days.



Great, sadly I don't have a picture, but nice tale, be about 1972 I bought a fiat 500 from Birtley car auction for £27 it was a blue one 1967. I repaired a dent on front wing and put a new exhaust. Ran it for a wee while and sold it for £125. Gone are the days ...

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