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clutch bleeding


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hi I have a 1978 1500 spitfire. I have been trying to bleed the clutch. It has had about 1 litre of dot4 fluid through it and im still getting bubbles in the bleed tube. it wont go into gear unless i pump the clutch peddle.

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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If you are still getting bubbles at this stage then without doubt it is drawing air in from some point.


What is the condition of your clutch master cylinder and the same question applies to the slave cylinder ??


Are these new cylinders OR old cylinders OR refurbed cylinders either by you or third party ??


What event led you to require clutch bleeding ??


I know it seems a lot of questions but some background information will help us to help you.


If the cylinders are old (master & slave) then it is very likely that the seals have gone. You can buy overhaul kits for both. However I'd buy new slave cylinder regardless and on stripping the master determine if an overhaul kit will suffice or a new purchase as well.


Double check that all your connections are tight from the master down to the slave; if they are then I suspect one (poss both) of the units are at fault.


I hope that assists ??


Good luck.



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I havent changed either the master or the slave but they look in good order. I have used the car  more than usual resently and I noticed the clutch biting point seemed very low. I checked the master cylinder and the fluid was low.

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Hope the bleed nipple is at the top and feed is in the lower port.


hold the bleed bottle high above the cylinder not down on the floor then air goes up and you stop air entering via the bleed nipple threads


Undo the slave clamp and remove the clyinder push the piston right down towards the nipple end this

reduces the volume in the slave to a minimum and helps for any air trapped inside to be bled out once refitted you have to pump to re extend the slave

You can actually change the slave from under a spitfire without rmoving the tunnel

Makemsure the pedal is not seized and does return to its up stop, there must be some free rattle play on the pedal pushrod with foot off, if its not returning you will never succeed

just some ideas on bleeding hic ups.

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I've got both the master cylinder and slave cylinder off. The rubber seals were shot in both.

Repair kit is on order from rimmers.

Thanks for your help

. Hopefully it'll be straight forward now

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You will have a lot more confidence in your clutch hydraulics with new units - it's just not worth buying kits these days.


If you do use a kit, every time you drive you will be thinking is this the day they will go again !! The main problem is bore wear and no kit will eradicate that.


More expensive I agree, but peace of mind is priceless.


Well done.





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Not sure I agree with that! What's to wear in an a metal tube with a rubber plunger? I've replaced my rubbers and the results are fine..

Same here. Did brake/clutch master and clutch slave 3 years ago.

It was common practice back in the day when we used to repair rather than throw away.

As long as the bores are smooth I can't see the problem.

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