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Aftermarket alarm systems or GPS trackers????


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My first idea for an alarm system involved wiring a relay from the ignition switch directly from the alternator to the seat headrests. Sadly this didn't meet with much enthusiasm from the good lady (who happens to be a local PCSO).


Although my 1500 has a key switch behind the drivers door that appears to be from a now dead alarm system (were factory fitted alarms included on Spitfires?) I'm not a fan of aftermarket alarm systems, I seem to recall them being connected to a rocker switch and courtesy lights and not being that reliable.


So what about GPS trackers, they sound like a good idea but as usual there are shedloads of them around including the one sold by the club shop.


They appear to use a sim card and GPS system. Does this mean I have to have another mobile contract?


Anyone use one? Any recommendations? Do they do any good?


Thanks in confusion.



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Depending which company you use you can just pay for a single data sim and as long as you use it once a month to keep it active then you only have the initial SIM cost to pay for. I think 3 do one like that. The Club Shop no longer supplies these trackers as our supplier has stopped selling them because of being undercut by ebay suppliers from the Far East.

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 GPS trackers.

I have bought several over the years.

They all require a SIM card & 3G's card will not work in all the ones I have bought as the units are not 3G.

I use EE £10 a month.


I'm not surprised the club one is no more as it was vastly overpriced.


They are a bit fiddle to setup. Most SMS you a google Earth link after being texted or/and called. The call costs nothing as the unit hangs up the call.


Around 30 quid will get you a decent one with two antenna's or built in ones. Under £140ish will get you a very nice unit that can integrate with an aftermarket alarm.

This is the best one I have:








PS. there is some overpriced crap out there!

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Lets face it if soebody REALLY wants to steal the car they turn up with a low loader and winch it on.

A tracker is a fine bit of kit, and from TV stuff it seems they sometimes leave a stolen vehicle somewhere discreet away from home for a few days to see if it is recovered. 


At the moment I use a steering wheel lock (stoplock pro version, Thatcham Cat3, not quite as thief proof as a disclok, but nearly and much easier to lug about) which deters 99% of thieves. A tracker of some sort really ought to be on my shopping list.....

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