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BCX 170K


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I have started the restoration of my GT6 Mk3 with the registration of BCX 170K. I’ve owned the car since 1993 but for the last 25 years it’s been safely garaged while I got on with my working life which was fairly demanding and pretty much all time consuming. I dropped out of the TSSC not long after. Having managed to come out of this period intact I’m now retired, have re-joined the Club and am embarking on the restoration of my GT6, the objective being to undertake a financially sensible restoration and to have at the end of it a sound, robust and reliable classic from which I can derive as much pleasure as possible for as long as possible. My intention is to do as much of the work required myself  but as I don’t have the skills to weld or paint in October the car will go off for some necessary works to be undertaken. My objective will then be to have it road worthy by Spring 2018.


The car got a mention in the Courier of July 1994 (edition 169) as it was thought, for a very short space of time, to be the earliest  Mk3 in the Club. It was first registered in February 1972 at Huddersfield. Does anyone know who this main dealer may have been? The commission plate is stamped 16 (no prefix to this). The plate’s finish and paint codes (Signal Red and Black interior) match the vehicle so I’ve no reason to think the plate is anything other than original. Apparently, as the Courier article was being prepared for print someone came along with the very first Mk3 off the production line and which was displayed at the 1970 Turin Motor Show. Is this vehicle still out and about? It was owned then by a Mr M.I. Pinney.


The author of the article posed the question why, with a commission number of 16, the car had not been on the road long before February 1972 and postulated it may have been used by Triumph for internal/promotional purposes before entering the sales stream (of course, it may just have been a slow seller). Can anyone throw any light on this at all? Did Triumph use cars from early production runs for shows, launches and other promotional activities? (presumably they must have used some).

If anyone can throw any light on any of the above questions or knows anything of the history of BCX 170K it would be good to hear from them. Equally, I’ll be grateful for any advice and guidance as to how and where I might be able to focus my own research to get as much background on the car as possible.


In finishing, as a “Newbie”, I’d just like to say what a fantastic resource the Forum is.

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Paul, my experience is very much like yours, I've owned my Mk3 a  bit longer, 1978  :o and In/out/in of the TSSC. Latterly my car did 20 years gathering dust in the garage until I retired. I think there are quite a few of us follow this path.  My re-build was triggered by my daughter announcing she wanted to use the GT as her wedding car! The body work (car,  not daughter) was in reasonable condition having had sills, wings and door skins, replaced plus a re-spray shortly before garage incarceration. Even so, it took me 7 months to get it mechanically ready for the MOT. 


The next registration plate along from mine is also a Mk3 and registered the same day, but manufactured 6 months prior to mine. The older car colour, French Blue (Nice!)  The variance between manufacture and sale, was probably down to specification, which was updated for the final time in Feb 73 (Mine). Nobody wants the old spec! I can see how early cars would be used in promotional activities and also there would have been some tweaking/adjustment to specifications of a new  model. The promotional cars would then have to be reworked ( or would they! :lol: ) before re-entering the sales network, all taking time.


The Mk3 was discontinued in Nov 73 so you'd expect the last number plate suffix to be M (Aug 73 to July 74), but there are quite a few Ns around, almost a year later and I have seen a rare P. But these are old discontinued models and slow sellers.

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I thought I’d open this thread up again as I’ve just received my BMIHT Certificate and have a couple of queries which I thought the combined knowledge of the TSSC members might be able to advise on.

The car was manufactured on 27th October 1970 but wasn’t despatched to the dealer (A G Boyes Ltd. Huddersfield) until December 1971. This seems a very long time to be sitting in the factory on the unsold inventory. One thought is that it may have had an “unusual” specification. When I acquired the car (1993) the overdrive switch was on a stalk on the steering column (like the Mk2 I believe) and it’s been suggested that this may have led to it being a less desirable choice for someone wanting the new Mk3 model with the switch in the gear stick. Does anyone know of any similar situations or is it more likely the column switch was a bodge at sometime? Another alternative is that it may have been used by Triumph for marketing/promotion purposes hence the delay in going to a dealer. However, it appears not to have had a registration mark until leaving the dealership so presumably was not on the road.

The factory fitted equipment is listed as: Overdrive, 155x13 tubeless tyres, Heater. Are these the norm or is there anything unusual about them that would qualify them as “options”.

The body, commission and engine numbers all align as do the trim and colour specs.

Any ideas, views opinions gratefully received.


Thanks, Paul

ps. As an aside, how do I get the postscript note at the bottom of my posts like Doug’s “1973 Mimosa GT6 mk3 non-rotoflex” above?

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OK, click on where your profile picture would be  "P".

Near the top, rhd side is "complete my profile" highlighted in green.

You can fill in your location, if you want, then scroll down and hit "Next" (But I see you've done the location, well done!)

More stuff to fill in, but on the LHD side is "Signature" click here and fill in the box. Hit "Save" and your done. Complicated Huh? :lol:

Also when you hit "P" near the top, lhd side is an "enter your profile picture" button. Have fun!



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Overdrive would have been an option, and the heater was a special order item on the Mk1 (WHY!), but John Thomason's 'Guide to Originality' would indicate standard fit on the Mk3.   Mine also had a long delay between build date (21 Nov 67) and first registration (1 Jan 69).


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23 hours ago, Dick Twitchen said:


Overdrive would have been an option, and the heater was a special order item on the Mk1 (WHY!)Dick

Cost saving. Prices were high in the 60s compared to wages and in order to sell more cars to potential buyers who could just about stretch to the price, the heater was optional to save a few pounds. Many cars of the period had a large (usually tartan!) blanket on the rear seat as heating was often minimal in any case and the passengers froze - obviously this wouldn't have applied to GT6 passengers... 

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