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D-Type solenoid access


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Hello all,

It's my first post here so be kind.

I need to change the solenoid on my D-type OD that's in a Spitfire (1976, Triumph2500 eng, 3-rail box)

I've heard it said that there's no easy way to access the lower solenoid screw, so can anyone suggest a 'least difficult' way to do it?

I was thinking of either detaching the propshaft, undoing the OD mounts and jacking the OD up a bit to access it from above. Or maybe it would be better to remove the exhaust, slide the OD mounting plate out from under the OD, allow it to drop a bit  and access it from underneath.  I'd like to get past the stage of just staring at it and scratching my head ideally.

(I suspect that getting it back in will probaby be twice as hard, any tips for holding a screw on the end of a driver?...I was wondering about using shrink tube)

All ideas gratefully received.



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I was faced with the same problem. I jacked up the rear of the gearbox.The big problem is that you cannot see the lower fixing screw of the solenoid. The  saving grace is that the screws are cheese head.  Using a special tool I made  I was able to locate the lower screw and remove it. The special tool was a sleeve that would accept  the outside diameter of the screw with a slot head screwdriver inside. It was a bit of a fiddle but once the cheese head screw had been located and inserted into the tube removing it was easy.

I hope that helps and that you manage the job okay.





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Thanks for the advice...and so quick.

I'll try not to ask too many naive questions. I owned a few spits and a GT6 back in the early 80's and it's taking a while to access the memory banks. Plus back then I was only in short trousers so didn't get much beyond topping up the dashpots.

Everything on these cars is so wonderfully easy to get at, except the things that are an absolute swine.  If I crack the solenoid issue the next thing will be how to get a decent angle on the adjuster in the castellated nut when the adapter plate is in the way? It seems that the guy that owned it before me had had his 3 shreaded wheat because everything is so damn tight.

To get the Courier I guess I need to join the TSSC? I wonder if they still have my details when I was a member in the 80's ? It's hard to imagine that back then my car was less than 10 years old and now this 'new' one is over 40.  The V5 even says 'Classic' which is not suprising really because my passport now says 'Vintage'

Thanks again.


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now  there's an idea   Ha !!


jacking will give access, but will need to undo the OD mount, thats sod as the heads wont take a spanner, trick is weld the bolts when replacing a mount

you can when you read the mag !!  get on with a screwdriver with a piece of tube over the end to keep the thing on its slot

refitting use allen socket cap screws or as we did  long piece of studding , add a couple of locknuts to replicate the screw head and make it 

long enough to protrude beyond the end of the sol.    then two more lock nuts to tighten the stud.

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The overdrive rear mount bolts are easy if you cut a slot for a screwdriver in the nut end, drop the bolts in, jam with the screwdriver while fitting washers and nuts. Then fit spanner on nuts while rotating bolt with the screwdriver and finish of with the spanner.





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6 hours ago, 68vitesse said:

... cut a slot for a screwdriver in the nut end, drop the bolts in jam with the screwdriver while fitting washers and nuts.


Any particular flavour of jam? :)

The comma is such a poweful tool for something so small.

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