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Hello Rao.

You can go one of three ways here: have your own rebuilt, buy refurbished, or buy second-hand, condition unknown.

For having your own rebuilt, talk to Mike Papworth who has a great reputation: mike.papworth1@btopenworld.com

There are rebuilt gearboxes available to buy from time to time, but you'll need to ask the seller who did it and what was actually done:


Second-hand you can get from any dismantler, and the prices vary, but make sure it's a reputable supplier who will stand over a box if it fails or is damaged. Check the ads in The Courier for both private sales and professional refurbishment. Cost can depend on what exactly requires doing.

Contact your local area, they may have one somewhere in a member's spares pile, or else advise locally as to who can refurbish one for you.

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GT6 Mk 4?!

Whether it's a Mk 1, 2 or 3 they all had the same gearbox. Are you looking for a gearbox with overdrive, or the rear extension piece? The OD will add a chunk of cost.

Worth looking at TD Fitchett's product list in the Courier, or giving them a call - wish I had, as opposed to going with the well-known supplier I ran with. One other tip - don't buy the gearbox / OD from one supplier and get another to fit it. When the unit has a fault, you're left with a parts warranty, but no labour warranty to cover the removal / reinstatement cost - wonder how I know... ?


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Can you do any work yourself, gearbox off is not a hard job and few tools required 

Screwdriver 1/2    9/16 spanner    sockets help

Seats out , stg wheel off , tunnel to remove  takes longer, but give you space

Then just  support the sump  undo all the clutch hsg bolts , starter off , prop bolts and the rubber mounts,  it can be off in less than an hour

Fitchetts  recon is £350 exchange  




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I didn't take my seats out, just removed the steering wheel, but I was younger and more flexible then. The most difficult bit, fiddly and uncomfortable, is taking the tunnel off. 

While you have the tunnel off cut a hole in it to allow access to the gearbox oil top up, then you don't have to take the tunnel off to top up. Here's my new polyurethane one which I'm particularly pleased with. I have a giant grommet for the hole. 


Also re-furb your clutch slave cylinder which can only be got at with the tunnel off.

I wonder what a GT6 mk4 would have been like? Soft top? 5 speed gear box? AIR CONDITIONING?  :o


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I bought it from the club shop, although the label on the front says Moss, which is odd because the club shop ones are cheaper than Moss's. There are three varieties, GT6, Herald and Spitfire. The shop catalogue is on the front page here, top right, tunnels are on page 14. I drilled the hole for gearbox oil top up access with a thing I bought to drill holes in the ceiling for recessed lighting. 

There is also a fitting kit with rubber seal, keyhole plates and screws. It's expensive, if you've already got the plates and screws on your existing tunnel. There's a couple of threads on here about tunnels and fitting them, if you want to do a search.





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