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Vitesse carpet

Mark B

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HI all

I need to buy a new carpet set for my Vitesse restoration and was wondering which to go for moulded or stitched. I have moved the engine and gearbox back a couple of inches so not sure how much that will effect the fit of a moulded tunnel cover, I can add a strip where it meets the bulk head if a gap visable.

Can't remember if the original vitesse carpets were moulded, like the spit/gt6.

I've fitted stitched carpets to a herald and Spits in the past and they always looked a bit crude, but there is s big price difference between moulded and stitched carpets which has got me wavering.

What are your thoughts?


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I have a GT6 and the original carpets weren't moulded. The carpet over the tunnel just sort of drapes. The quality of the carpet is a consideration. Fitted tend to be 100% man made, although there are some with a small % wool.  Loose 100% man made are cheaper but they can go all the way up to all-wool, shaped, cut and bound and very expensive. Man made have an advantage in an open top car, nothing worse than soggy wool carpet! Moulded are easier to fit. But I've chosen good quality loose replacements. Some of it's glued in place and some connects to the floor with "popper" connectors. In your circumstance I'm not sure how good a fit moulded would be.


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Original Herald/Vitesse carpets were definitely moulded, especially the tunnel cover section, which is very moulded and difficult to replicate.

Never seen a stitched one that didn't look horrible..... Some moulded ones look pretty nasty too. The decent moulded ones are pricey though.

I made mine from scratch apart from having an original (if well used) underlay for the tunnel.

Came out ok


Made in a total of 6 sections including two separate sections glued directly to the inner sills/a-pillar bases which make both the rear section and footwell sections simpler.  The carpet cloth over the tunnel underlay had to be cut and shut to follow the curves.  Not quite the result I wanted, but better than the stitched ones.

I also had tunnel mods to clear the "fat boy" W58 gearbox but only right at the rear and the gear lever comes out in the usual place


The fibreglass cover is a very poor fit, but actually better after this surgery!



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12 hours ago, dougbgt6 said:


That looks fabulous!


Thanks Doug. Bit less fabulous 11 years on (eek!) but still presentable. The carpet cloth was a lucky find at the Bristol Classic car show and not cheap, but has proved much more UV resistant that the stuff I had before it which went pink and disintegrated.

colours other than black or grey always seem much harder to find.


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The only moulded I know of is Newton Commercial and all the other moulded vendors are just re-selling theirs, is that right? I think the Newton carpet looks a bit like stubble - not the original style loop-pile at all. So, unless Newton have improved, or someone's come into the market with better quality moulded, I'll have to stick with my (slowly deteriorating) original.

Cheers, Richard

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Hi all

I was leaning towards the moulded carpet, but just looked at my modified tunnel cover and remembered as well as being a couple of inches longer  I have added a bulge to accommodate the overdrive solenoid now the gearbox is set further back. 

I Like Nicks idea and may take that route, but with loads still left to do and  I was looking for the easiest, quickest option, but either way there's going to be cutting and gluing involved.

Shame I threw the old carpet away about 12 years ago, would have been a useful template, starting point.





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