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Fuel Filters

Paul H

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what can happen to the plastic is the pressure of the hose clip collapses the tubes , all unseen hiding under the rubber hose 

Im with clive the modern has so much capacity you will never need to change it and so much finer filtration 

often cheaper than the  awful aftermarket 4 classic stuff on sale .


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I have a glass and chrome filter from the club shop, now 5 years old and still looks good.   Similar on Fleabay £4,  Club shop £10, there may be a reason for that.  If it deteriorates I shall buy another, plastic and moderns are just not shiny enough!


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34 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

theres thousands of cars running around with no hope of seeing anything .. if its reliable filtering you dont need to look 

just smile and drive  ha !


It's nice to see the stuff though, as it empties your wallet so quick :) '

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