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Engine I d help!


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Most likely Herald 13/60, though mk3 Spit also possible. I suppose early Dolomite or Toledo is possible too.

A pic of the front pulley and the sump (front or rear bowl) will provide clues. Could be a 1500 or 1300 from the pics seen so far. 1500 not normally seen with a 3synchro box but not reason to assume it’s a factory combination. That’s not a factory number but a random reconditioners mark IMO.


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I'd say it's been reconditioned at some point and that number was added then.

As Nick said, picture of the crank pulley would help to ID it as a small-crank 1300 Mk3 Spit (FD)/early Herald 13/60 (GE).

If it's large crank, you can't conclusively ID it easily (sump could have been changed)...

But from the pictures:

  • Fuel pump studs appear to be shorter length (e.g. no spacer).
  • Has an alternator mounting bracket.
  • Doesn't appear to have a tag on back of head gasket (not 100% sure from picture though), so not a recessed block.
  • The gearbox is 3-sync early Spitfire (Mk1-3, not Mk IV 4-sync as I believe that had a round O/P flange) or Herald...
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Wow thank you all for your help! I will look for the id and take a photo tonight, I have inserted another picture to see if that helps solve the puzzle....


from what everyone has concluded so far I am leaning towards a Dolomite 1300 as I vaguely remember my father mentioning this engine but unfortunately I’m not able to ask him, 


second question what what is something like this worth as it is not of use to me but maybe someone with knowledge and a need might want it.




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Very odd engine mount brackets at the front. OK, I have not seen any like them before.

Probably a modification? 

A picture of the front of the engine,and also the sump from the side. 

But being honest, head nuts are missing, somebody has been inside the rocker box, so the engine at best needs a complete check over. Value will be somewhat limited....

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As far as I can see the engine has the larger pulley with the advance/retard scale fixed to the tuning chain cover. That and no sump breather indicates a large crank. 

The gearbox has the square small output flange and no threaded hole or plug on the the cover for a reversing light switch. So yes it looks as if it is an earlier gearbox.

Yes it's bits. Like all I wonder what the engine mount is? Maybe it was used in a special.


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1 hour ago, Pete Lewis said:

this is a copy from moss of 1500 midget,  the front mounts look similar


Engine front plate looks normal to me (both on that Midget engine, and the photos from Ryan). I've checked the Midget parts book and the front plate has the same p/n (215372) as the Triumph one so it can't be that.

Anyway, the latest photo shows it has a recessed head gasket and is definitely large crank so Dolomite would fit. Value-wise? Not much I'm afraid. 

Engine prices vary but £50 would be a good ball-park value, as there are no ancillaries etc. Sometimes they go for more, but usually that's for small-crank Spitfire engines or with ancillaries.

3 hours ago, NonMember said:

I don't recognise CB for a gearbox. GB would be a Herald 1200 or 13/60, which is what it looks like.

I agree with this, gearbox is from a 1200 or 13/60 Herald and worth maybe £20 -  the C must be a badly stamped G.

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