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Shortening propshaft

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The rebuild of my J.C.Midge is progressing and has got to the stage of joining up the gear box and diff...   I need to source a Vitesse sliding type propshaft and then get it shortened down to 36 1/2" 

Can anyone recommend a company that would shorten and balance a shaft?  Needs to be in the South East...   (Has anyone got a propshaft they want to sell?)

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I used the chap near Gatwick a couple of times many years ago. "Mixed" results. Others have used him recently, and seems OK.

It may be worth doing a mail order jobbie, or even forking out a bit extra and getting a new one? Try Dave Mac, pretty reasonable on price I think.

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Hello Mark,

I need to get a propshaft sorted for the Daimler in due course and have been given details of a chap located in East Grinstead. CCK Historic use him a lot and is rated highly - even does his own balancing which keeps the costs down and he is reasonably priced.

Drop me a PM and I will give you his details.



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