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Crusty yellow stuff out of my engine block, what is it???


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I'm in the process of putting a different engine into my Herald, I've been removing everything around the block now (carbs, exhaust manifold and the rest of it). Now I see on the block there is a weird yellow leak from a hole within the block. 

I bought the car with this engine in it already. The previous owner of the Herald had bought the engine from a person off Ebay who advertises rebuilt engines for Triumphs, you'll spot them as they have the distinctive blue (or sometimes green) metallic painted block. 

I got it running a handful of times, it had over-heating issues from the beginning and then totally seized after a 1 hour run. Has a spitfire 1500 engine.

I have questions I hope you might be able to answer:

What is that hole?

why is it leaking stuff? Is it missing a plug?

Any idea what the yellow crusty stuff is? Could it be coolant and oil mixed and dried (as hasn't run for a while)?

I suspect the current block is toast what with it being totally seized (can't crank at all despite trying all the methods), so will be installing a 2nd hand engine I've got hold of. Just interested to know what went wrong so I can avoid it again.

Thanks in advance!!








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Yes it's the drain tap, it's a reservoir in the block for the coolant, it's the lowest point in the block cooling system so lots of crude collects here. You can dig it out with a small screwdriver, some models have a tap, others just a bolt.


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Thanks for the replies guys, so it didn't have a blanking plug in there at all, and was run without water leaking from it for the time I had it. So I was stupid not to see that it didn't have the plug, but also not great that the car ran with no plug and it didn't leak cos of all the dirt in there. Annoying the block wasn't cleared properly, but no ones responsibility but my own for not flushing it properly once I got it. Live and learn!! Thanks all

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2 hours ago, thescrapman said:

I wonder if that Is some sort of leak sealant that has been added to reduce any issues following the rebuild.

Not necessary on a decent rebuild perhaps.

I do have some question marks over the quality of the rebuild, it never felt right even from the beginning... Ebay, sometimes it's great, sometimes it isn't, part of the fun I guess.

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