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Ignition switch


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Hi all 

Upon starting my engine the key will not spring back,  I have to physically turn the key back to stop the 

starter turning. 

I assume the switch should spring back, not the key barrel. 

I just want to make sure iorder the right part!

Thanks in advance,  stay safe!

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The key moves to the 'starter' position and on starting is released back to the 'ignition on' position; it should spring back, but I'm not sure what you mean when you say that the 'switch should spring back, not the key barrel'. The key barrel is attached to the moving parts of the switch so both move as one. It sounds like your switch has lost or broken the return spring and you're having to manually turn it back? The switches are very cheap, probably buying a replacement is much easier than trying to repair one, and you can replace the barrel if you want to keep your original key. 


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Is the switch firmly attached to the dash? The 'start' position is spring loaded so the key should obviously return to the 'ignition on' position when pressure is released from the key.

But if the switch barrel is loose in the dash, the pressure when starting will cause the whole switch to turn. The answer is to tighten the chrome bezel that holds the switch in the dash.


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