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If you spot one of these snap it up!!!!!!!


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A couple of years ago I cleared a garage of a friend those father had passed away, I saved a number of very useful things from the skip including this Halfords oil gun circa 1960/70's. It even came boxed! I've never had the opportunity to use until now, I filled my diff and gearbox with and it worked really well, pushing the oil in under pressure really made the job quicker and cleaner.

A good find!



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59 minutes ago, Mad4classics said:

Think I've got something similar?

Works well; has three differently cranked nozzles.



I've got one of those too. Inherited from Dad. I't's very good for syphoning petrol out of fuel tanks ( on my own car(s) of course !) with a piece of plastic fuel hose put on the nozzle into the filler pipe. Saves you getting a nasty gob full of petrol !


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1 hour ago, JohnD said:

Widely available, in various types and prices, with flexible nozzles, on eBay:  https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Garage-Equipment-Tools/34998/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=oil+syringe&_sop=15

Those are MODERN thingies. You need the actual period piece:



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Colin I’ve got one of those brass ones given to me by a uni mate pre 68 he was in the Territorial Army & it was surplus to requirements in over 50 years I reckon I’ve used it maybe 10 times it hangs on a timber beam in my garage next to my Wanner grease gun of same vintage!

for filling the gearbox and diff I use a Tom Thumb plastic pump. The 1litre plastic bottle Has a screw top Which incorporates a pump and it has a 600mm long Plastic hose with steel pipe hook on the end For slotting into the diff or box It’s very tidy with min mess

Peter T

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13 hours ago, NonMember said:

For filling diffs and gearboxes I have an old "killaspray" hand-pumped pressurised weed killer sprayer, missing its nozzle assembly. Poke the hose in the filler hole, pump the pressure up, when the oil level is correct pull the pressure relief valve.

Does it spray the oil easily enough, given that it's thicker than water based weedkiller would be? Never thought of using one of those.

I have one of these that came with a Herald many moons ago, great for siphoning out old oil when you put a flexible tube on the end.



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2 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Does it spray the oil easily enough, given that it's thicker than water based weedkiller would be?

It wouldn't exactly "spray" oil unless it was very thin. But with the head removed it's an 8mm bore hose and the oil flows fast enough for filling purposes.

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