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Daily Spit 1500 body repairs & more..


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After 42 years and 311.000kms I really want to fix my car her body right and get rid of rust.


The hardest part.... keeping her on the road, as shes my only and daily driver !


I have collected a few parts from stranded project or 2nd hand panels & bought a few panels new.



The to do list...


-putting on replacement ex-usa bonnet (Ive fitted 1 NOS wing (dated 1983) wing as existing was very dented.

-putting on replacement door, bootlid.

-repair rear wings (under bumper) + inner structure.

-repair rear deck/wheel arch

-replace rear valance (got nos 1980 panel)+bootfloor lip repair

-replace rear light panel (got used panel ) (car had a hit at the rear once..)

-replace sills + repair inner structure as originel (now bodged but strong) + front inner wing repairs as usual and front floor edge (already was fixed before)

-and various other things..

Like stripping the underside, derust and repaint.


So we got a big list !


Some pics ..




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Started on a repair.

Lower rear wing under the bumper.

From 9 this morning until the evening been busy ..


Remade the whole inner part.

Rear valance edge isnt nice now, but rear valance would be changed fully soon.


Used some wax to coat the inside and outside resprayed with green zink phosphate.








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Really didnt want to do welding today.. but started to poke on a previous bodge repair :D

Maybe 20 to 30 years ago one of the many previous owners welded in a repair panel in the wheelarch.

But the rear deck edge was rotten to.. 


So they plated it from above... sadly moisture could enter from underneath and making it worse.

Last pic, how I put some sort of waxoil (Restom CC 4010) between the fleshly welded panels that where spot/ plug welded.

Tomorrow will seam seal the lot.





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Today started on the rear light panel.

It had a hit long before I owned it.

So that pushed the rear light panel + valance in (like 5 to 8mm), but seems it was dented more and they used a hammer.

Could see that on the dents inside.


Bootlid never closed very well and pushed panels out.


So a few years ago a used panel was for sale on ebay, so got that.

Panel fit was great as it was an original panel + all rust now gone !

Tomorrow rear valance.

Bottom is very rotten, side spot welded edge rotten, bootfloor edge rotten.... 






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My spare door had some bodywork done in the last weeks.

Now it was time to fit it.


The old door was very bad shape wise, sticking out 1 to 2cm at the bottom.. and catching everywhere.. 


Changed the captive plate that is in the B-post.

As one hole was retapped to M10 size.







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3 hours ago, Pete Lewis said:

dont forget to fit the paper sealing gasket or add a sealer as the hinge to A post can leak like a sieve into the car when its raining 


Re-used the ones that where on it now.

Whenever she gets painted she will get new gaskets ;)

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  • wimpus changed the title to Daily Spit 1500 body repairs & more..

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