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Herald crankshaft tab washer for starting handle gear required

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Part number 110403 (I think) for the starting handle gear; the parts diagram shows an earlier version as part 10. The later one is self locking, as I just found out, so whilst I can get away with the two remaining tabs still in place, a perfect replacement would be even better. Anyone got one salted away?

2034826192_ScreenShot2021-04-11at16_31_47.jpg.c1c94015bf901c7df1468f70c8c8067e.jpg  D77204AB-318C-43F3-9BFE-DFC2ECBF5928_1_105_c.jpg.7049441081119a52bd3a590314316737.jpg  B5FCA55A-05D6-4AD1-94DF-24144B747148_1_105_c.jpg.859497d81029af59f160193110407a31.jpg



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now that remind me as apprentice we got involved with starting the 1913 commer fire engine ( it retired from Chivers in the 6os 

the fitter i was under  knew just what ignition setting to use ,,  come lad wind it up , and boom  i got thrown up in the air and over the showroom floor 

Bast*rd does it for fun 

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Old time ship lifeboats had the "Vedette" engines. Marineised BMC "A" series. Hand starting, NEVER put the thumb over the handle, recipe for a busted thumb, they things "backfired" for a pastime.


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