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  1. I had the postcard for this come through the post and there's no code on in. It just says "To obtain this discount please mention the sale when placing your order". Not sure how you can do that with a web order, so you may have to call them up. Russell
  2. Yes, I've used it on a couple of cars. It's very good at very small leaks, as the fluid itself is the consistency of water, so trickles into the gap, settles and dries. You may need to apply 2 or 3 times, but it does work.
  3. The translation makes it a far more interesting read than a lot of online articles. 'The terms "abandoned" are not strong enough to describe this spectacle of desolation. Indeed, beyond being stored against each other, these Triumphs are far from being respected by their unknown owners.' Perhaps I should start to be more flowery with my TSSC reports. :-)
  4. They hide the rot incredibly well. I've just finished restoring a 1968 Single Cab pickup. What I thought would be just sills, ended up needing the middle third of the truck replacing. Sills, strengtheners, lower bulkhead, upper and lower loadbeds, complete side panel, new 'treasure chest' door. Even after a bare metal repaint, from a distance, and in photos, it doesn't look a whole lot different to when I bought it! 3 photos attached, as bought (with the whitewalls), half-way through the horrors, and what it looks like now. Russell.
  5. The main cross bar that runs behind the bumper, is sandwiched between the bumper mounts and the body and attached with the existing bumper bolts. The thinner bar that runs down under the rear is just bolted through the floor. I think I had to drill a couple of holes, so that part doesn't bolt to anything in particular.
  6. I bought one for my 2000 estate from the TSSC club shop about 17 years ago, and I see they still do them. https://shop.tssc.org.uk/product/towbar-20002500pi-estate-mkii-ptr28
  7. Could it be the current owner has just moved house (along with all their projects) and a new V5 has been issued for the change of address?
  8. I did my GT6 windscreen trim a couple of years ago and used this method. It worked eventually, but took an awful lot of patience. Russell.
  9. Yes, I will be there, definitely this time, no excuses. :-) Steve, if you want to pop over to my house before the meeting and take some measurements of my MK3 GT6, let me know and I'll PM you my address. The doors line up quite well on that. I can't bring it to the pub as I've got the front valences off it at the moment. Russell
  10. Colin, very wrong yes. :-) I went to a local Texas car show when I was holiday in the USA a few years ago, and there were a number of cars with wheels like that and larger. I was more interested where on earth you got tyres for them. Most of the brands I'd never heard of.
  11. I bought a mohair hood stowage cover, (to cover the hood when it's folded down), from them 4 years ago. Great quality and fits a treat.
  12. Over the years, our trip there has extended to be out on Wednesday back on Tuesday. A stop in Le Neubourg on the way down and Le Touquet on the way back (we use the tunnel). I'm taking a friend this year who I've been nagging to come for years. After he saw the new Le Mans film at the tail end of last year, he said "Is it like that?" , "pretty much" I said, which won him over. It does mean I have to take the 2000 estate again this time, as we'll be 3 up. It's currently in bits in the garage in preparation, fixing the diff leak that started after LeMans 2018. Russell.
  13. Well done Peter, glad you finally got it sold. Your experience only goes to reinforce my mantra, of "never sell anything - just build more sheds" Hopefully see you Tuesday.
  14. I also have this issue with my MK3 GT6 as outlined in the thread below, also a D-Type. I bought the car with that as a known problem, but the only solution I've found is to clout the overdrive case with a hide hammer while moving. It seems to stick once the box gets warm. At the moment, I've given up with it and am resigned to the fact the gearbox will have to come out. I'm preparing the car for it's first MoT for a while, so have electrically disconnected the overdrive to stop me trying it with all the tunnel back in. Russell.
  15. I think I have to wait for the prosecution letter to arrive. Bob from the FBHVC was quite keen that I get this letter into Suffolk Constabulary beforehand, but I’m not entirely sure how I can do that without annoying them. The Notice of Intended Prosecution I received at the roadside specifically says, do nothing until you receive further communication from us.
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