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Making Herald 1200 Reliable ?


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21 minutes ago, dougbgt6 said:

Get yourself a manual, Haynes is OK, and cheap. Youi will find the maintenance schedules in there including OILING the trunnions! Worth a visit to your nearest area meeting, to meet some enthusiasts, Christchurch I think is nearest Southampton.


i will keep my eyes peeled for one thanks

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2 hours ago, TwigNshiz said:

ok thanks ill  have a run though the leccies there um intresting atm hahah but im hoping to make her my daily so yea need her to be reliable

A good friend has had his 1360 for 25 years, and doen over 250k in it. Very rarely been an issue, though in that time it has had a couple of things go wrong. The car lives outside, and being brytally honest, is beyond economic repair now, bit has just gone through an MoT. So it is still going. 

Nothing special done (except an LPG conversion when he got it). He did fit a good used distributer 10 years ago with electronic ignition. Teh engine was refreshed when he got it, and oddly blew a piston about 15 years ago. He honed the bores, new set of rings and a used piston. Diff gave out similar time, just fitted a good used one.

Regularly serviced, uses straight 30 oil, nissan oil filter with an adapter he made. No overdrive, but doesn't thrash it.

I used Triumphs as everyday cars for 25 years or so, very rare to have a breakdown once the initial niggles were sorted. 

These are reliable cars, let down by not being used enough and often poor quality parts. Always source the best quality available....


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18 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

i just like the  lost skills of a hand drawn technical artist where parts are sketched for you to understand and not a vague generic photo 

luckily if the grey matter continues i dont often need a  manual but they are all there ready to refer too  



The best thing I've ever had was a second Herald... so I can use it as reference for the first. You've no idea how many times in the day I have to check as to where things go or how they look when fitted.

It's great to see Twig wanting to run a Herald as an everyday car; no reason why not but do remember they're from a different era and respond to a more gentle, refined style of motoring. 

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