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Maybe one for the Administrators.

Can somebody please explain the difference between icons that are available on each post. As an example there is a heart and a cup. What does each of them stand for? I would often like to give a👍but it’s not on the menu?

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On 15/10/2023 at 21:12, johny said:

On my screen the meaning of each icon pops up when I hover over it with the cursor but yes a thumbs up for a 'well done' would be useful...

Hi johny.

 I’m working on an iPad so cannot hover above the icons but I can now see the explanation for each one from Doug. 
Many thanks.


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On 16/10/2023 at 09:55, dougbgt6 said:

Hovering above, Heart is "like", cup is "thanks", laughing face is "Ha!Ha!" Tears in eyes is "sad" and cross eyed "confused" An odd selection, we could do with a few more? :angry: :wub: :ph34r:


Thanks Doug that’s a great help, to be honest I was a little bit worried about putting a heart as a response just in case it meant a little bit more than like. 👍

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On 19/10/2023 at 10:37, Colin Lindsay said:

Storm Babete is here at present, so I could go outside and sit on a binlid... AIRBORNE!

It must have rained somewhere because our lake has risen by a foot this morning. In Easbourne the last two days have bee sunny and warm with hardly a breath of wind.

Looking at the isobar chart, we appear to remain in the eye of  depressions down here. Unfortunately, what wind there was came from the SE, so my conservatory floor was soaked after a brief heavy shower. I leave it open for the dogs as Our normal prevailing wind is westerly. Door faced East.

I really feel sorry for those of you suffering this one. October 1987, Jan 1990 and August 1956 were very scary down here. I'd rather not suffer another.

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