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Spanner for Ignition Bezel

Paul H

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Pretty sure there are tools designed for tightening bezels for dashboard switches - My ignition switch bezel is always coming undone and by rummaged through some old tools and found an angle grinder pin wrench - its fits a treat . If you grind the pins down a bit you will get an even  better grip and less chance of the pins touching the dash 



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The tool is readily available, I've had this one for years - it does both the two-slot and multi-slot bezels.

Search the Internet for bezel removing tool; I found half a dozen straight away. No doubt firms like Frost have them in their catalogue. Very handy for removing the bezels without long scratches on the wooden dash caused by a slipping screwdriver... (right, Doug?)




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Here's my specialist Sockets for the Bezel removal & more importantly tightening them up!

They are ex USA Specialist Tool manufacturer brought individually over several years, there for 1 in, & 7/8in multi prong and a 3/4 cross slot bezels.

There well engineered and the prongs are very strong, the only down side is they have two flats for an open spanner to tighten, but in reality their not needed as you can get adequate purchase with your hand to tighten up enough

If needed I can find  the US supplier, they weren't cheap at around $30ea plus expensive USA international postage.

Regards & how do you remove the second image

Peter T



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Found this on the Moss website - I am certain you can get them for less or as Pete says make one.


If you have a couple of classics with different bezel dimensions, then perhaps this set makes the price worth it; needless to say there is p&p on that.

Moss do have regular sales and promo codes, so may be worth waiting for that



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