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Pete Lewis

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Our now established Twiddle Day   the 3rd  will be held in late september , a date I need to firm up with HQ so we dont clash

So watch this  space as the plan unfolds , I need to get Duxford out the way first so its after the 9th anytime soon

Watch this space    its a sunday  in September     but the date   SEPTEMBER  23RD

This is a free to attend day of twiddling and tutorial fun , open to all bring your gremlins let us have a look at them for you 

PETE  RAY  and hopefully JohnD

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Pete, I’m sure Ryan Air has plenty of seats in February, and then we can do extensive road tests on the Baltic sea ice after the twiddling. No speed limit, no driving licence required, no insurance is valid. Freedom. It’s all on your own risk... I love it ?

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1 hour ago, Anglefire said:

Because it’s held at HQ, which Pete sort of alluded to in the first post. 

I thought he meant a clash with something else not something else at the same venue. 

OK... Looks like I need to go and try to find out where 'hq' is then. 

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SEPTEMBER   23rd  around 10 am start  sorry the dates changed  as Ray is jumped ship the previous week

Sorry if thats a clash with holidays , weddings funerals , and cosmetic surgery bookings   so the 23rd it is 

You dont need a car to attend all are welcome , the only charge is for Bern's BBQ at just a few ££s

The shop is open for purchases or collections ,, saves postage 

A good fun day having a try at solving and explaining some problems and solutions , 

We talk with you      not at you,   this is a rwiddle day and revolves around settings specifications and how to

Plug gaps to toe in , fuse problems to headlamp aim ,,   all the good simple stuff that keeps you happy


Edited by Pete Lewis
had to change the date
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