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Coventry Climax engine and Spitfire gearbox on Ebay


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Brabham Heralds did use a version of the Coventry Climax...….. pretty sure it was bigger than 741cc though (1200 ish?)

That one looks a bit used to be "new" and for £1500 I'd want all the nuts holding the manifold on and the carb linkage.

Slightly relevant link



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I seem to recall that about 15 years ago, one of our local members here in the Wessex area had a genuine Brabham Herald. IIRC it was indeed 1220cc and Damson colour I think. It was very rare when new, so even 15 years ago would have been unusual. Not seen it for years and wonder if it's still around ?

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from Nicks link above quite impressive performance for early 1960's.

"The Climax FWE gave 85 per cent more power than the original engine so the performance was somewhat improved.

0-30 mph 3.4 sec
0-40 mph 5.4 sec
0-50 mph 7.8 sec
0-60 mph 10.8 sec
0-70 mph 15.2 sec
0-80 mph 23.4 sec

Standing start quarter mile 18.2 sec
Maximum speed 101 mph
Fuel consumption 28 mpg "

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One of our locals had a Brabham Herald in his workshop 3 or 4 years ago - the engine was being rebuilt after failing only a few thousand miles after its previous rebuild... Lovely looking car - the owner had apparently spent £'000s on it!


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Nick's right the  Climax engine is now a regarded as valuable piece of motor history. A bit later on the Fiat  twin cam was another favourite, again now not cheap to buy.

Back in the 1960's I can remember a Climax fire pump engine being run up from cold to 7,000 RPM pumping water. That's was the spec the engine had to achieve and not wear out. It achieved this by having clearance which were quite large and it consumed oil. But they were reliable and did work well.


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19 hours ago, Nick Jones said:

understand that there is one in the South West belonging to Adam Egeland, though I think it is a replica.  He probably knows as much about them as anyone.

That's correct, and if you are able/interested Adam Egeland-Jensen wrote a couple of articles for The Courier (Nos 302 & 303).  He and I have the RN connection, and if I recall correctly he still has the car (Reg Nos 53 RPE).


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