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Hello...*discreet wave*


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Hello, I just thought I'd drop a line to say hello as I've just joined.

At various points I'm hoping I can turn to some of you or advice on my Spitfire refurb. 

I'm a heavy duty pen pusher and in no way mechanical, hopefully this site is busier that the CT site that seems to be dying since they changed it.




Before and after!

IMG_5200 (1).JPG


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11 minutes ago, NonMember said:

Welcome to the dark other side!

That's a lovely colour for a Mk3. I assume the first photo is actually the newer one?

Hi Rob,

I'd like to say that I prefer the distressed look but you're 100% correct.

Schoolboy error on my part not concentrating which order I uploaded the photo's.

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Thanks for the welcome everyone. Yes Poppyman, I've come over from CT but I may keep an eye over there as they've been helpful.

This car is an early 50th present from my father, he wanted to help me get it done while he was still capable of helping on it. The idea originally was to drive this one, and to others that are in the family down to Gibraltar but if I'm honest I don't think that will happen now.
Basically my contribution to the project has been scouring the online auction sites, scrap yards and barns for cheap parts.
I had a guy in Devon sell me a replacement steel bonnet for £100.00, a set of 5 wheel and hubcaps for another £100.00 and varying boxes of items like dash switches, dials etc for £20 each box. Plus he sold be a windscreen surround for £20 and there wasn't a spec of rust on it so it was worth the trip just to collect this alone
We have had to replace the inner and outer sills, the inner/outer rear wings, as well as the full rear wings, and the rear valance.
The car runs really really well, it's only done about 31k from new but its had many many owners and I'm guessing it was just left to decay at one point then passed from owner to owner as it was troublesome
We've done some minor mechanical work mainly to test it but my 72 year old father is a dab hand at these engines. As soon as I get it back this weekend i'll take it out for a run if its not raining.
It hasn't been a complete rebuild as there's no way I can afford that, lets just say its been a sympathetic refurb.
I've learnt a lot from this and I'm sure there will be plenty of cuts, shocks and grazed knuckles before I'm happy with it.
I'll post a link from my flickr account later s I'd hate to get told off for posting 25,000 pics on here in my first few days
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Welcome!    A family drive to Gibraltar?!    You can't wave that at us and not tell more!      Rogerguzzi told us earlier this year about his saga driving down to, up and down the Pyranees - if you haven't read that, it's here: https://forum.tssc.org.uk/topic/3612-spainpyreneesclasic-le-mans-trip/?tab=comments#comment-37976

And the pilgrimage to Classic Le Mans has been a feature here too. Not another until 2020, plenty of time to get yours fettled.     CT is the daddy when it comes to long-distance endurance events, I hope it continues, but Sidewayzers get a about a bit too, so good company!


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Hi JohnD,


I have a house on the south coast of Spain but we've been holidaying down there since 1986 so I came up with the dumb ass idea of driving down to the house. 

My father refurbed a White Mk3 Spitfire for my brothers 50th birthday a few years ago, this blue one was a donor car for that project that was too mechanically sound to strip.

My Dad then decided to refurb the blue one for my future 50th. I bought a red mk3 for £1,100 as a donor car for the blue project (are you keeping up???)  but again, when we got that back we found the bodywork was perfect (amazingly) and after a couple of hours my dad got the engine running and that sounds the best of all three of them.

So we have 3 Mk3's, red, white and blue in colour. Personally I'd have preferred a TR7 convertible (don't shoot me, I had one when I was younger) but I've fell in love with my Mk3 now and I'm quite happy.

I'd dearly love to try the trip to Gibraltar but its a huge thing to take on and I'm not sure if I need the stress as I'm not mechanically minded at all.

I'll take a read of the Pyranees link although I'm quite confident it will make me realise I'm doing the right thing not planning a trip to a pointy bit of rock at the southern most tip of europe.


Hopefully this link will show you some of the build pics to date... 



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