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Interior light replacement options


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The interior roof light is missing it’s plastic cover (well I have the original it’s broken, brown and misshapen) and would like to replace with a covered light rather than a bare bulb. Any ideas where I can get a new cover or has anyone fitted an alternative that’s a direct replacement?

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I’d seen that one so I’m guessing the one that’s in the car is no longer available, I’ll see if I can find the sizes of that one. I’d seen the one for a mini as well but that looks too small. I’m sure I’d seen on a facebook site that someone was remanufacturing the light cover but I can’t find the post now (typical)

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3 minutes ago, Paul H said:

There was a guy selling new lens covers on Facebook recently but the price was very high over £30 each 😱


I thought I’d seen a post, couldn’t find it with a search, guessing it will reappear at some point

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